Thursday, December 25

I'm sick of this site ...

today onwards I'll be blogging @

link me ya !

Im gonna abandon this blog . forever . ^_^

muacks !

Merry Christmas Everyone !

hellu peops !

*last year pic* I'm lazy this year so no pics !

merry christmas to y'all !

how's your xmas's eve ?

well I puked twice last night so I'm not really sure it's fun or miserable ! haha

ps : kenn you watch out ... *staring tulanly* hahaha

can't wait for new year's eve !

yippeee !

Monday, December 8

The Player

Happy Belated Birthday Aaron !

yes . sagittarius boys are real players ... the heart breakers .

here are some close up pics of us the poyos

pls dont act innocent .

the dog pose .

sexy vvn

muka yang mengelikan hati

my kang dae woo


with the birthday boy

muacks !


humping boys

dae woo not steady

with miss ugly duckling ! siewww li

and her boy , ah boy . haha

met so many people there

we all love kang dae woo

girls gone wild XD ... teen shek takut .


the joget boys

soooo cuteeee

the mafia

hypertune girls

the after party . sweaty

gg-ed boy !

dae woo tried to act steady

awww 2 gg-ed boys ... that's so cute

Friday, November 28

Another November baby ...

Happy 20th Birthday Ah Yau ... :-)

hope your big business will grow BIGGER and BIGGER

look at his happy faceeee

the usual pixie

my face -__-

fanny and sheerlicious

vvn with bigger boobs here ! hahaha

tiger lee ! sounds like mafia's name huh ...

sheer and her friend

muka amat masam

the poyo poyos

giving kisses to the hunks

told u ... vvn's boobs are bigger now !

lucky uncle tan <3

uncle tan with chicsss


inspired pose by some girl @ the podium ... -_-

wo ai ni <3

I lup u ... hahahaha

Tuesday, November 25

The November Angels


yes .

it's miss sheerlicious' big day .

Happy Birthday YIP SHEER HWAH !!!

hope u get to find your rich dream man real soooon ... HAHA

we kissed a girl and we liked it

the taste of her cherry chapstick ...

the 4 usual chics

oops ! cropped trixie

miss siew li - vvn and moi

pei face -___-



my hair spoilt the pic :-(

penny and her bf

the dae woo pose

cute girl

big fat kiss for the birthday girl !

next birthday ...

Happy Belated Birthday VIVIEN KONG AI XUAN !!!

let's kill the gummy bear !

happy vvn and the injured gummy bear ...

rest in peace ! :-)

btw we celebrated vvn's birthday @ full house (ngau cheh sui)

love love the environment !

sooo pretty !

me with angry looking dae woo

show girls ... lol

I don't trust vvn's driving skill ... seriously

vvn's pressie !

the terrorists

dae woo always say that I look like a duck ... quite true

so that's all people !

good night !